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Demrick - You Know It Lyrics

Demrick – You Know It Lyrics

Yeah I’m zoning on this point
Go ahead and roll up cuz you aint’ hitting this joint
Nigga I don’t know you
Wanna smoke and dope but get down like on the top
I only fuck with the girl
They turned to a ninfos
Rap that lay cuz that shit means something
Drink the bottles from Hollywood in my …
That’s what I did it for but never had to change up
But still get my change up
Come walk and deny the shoes I laze up
I told my dogs go ahead twist my head up
You swallow in the air cuz
I work this game and got me paste up nigga
Then let it all go but I know they still beat ‘em
Keep the feelings on Twitter
Keep the real’s on seizers
You make one wrong cut at it all goes scramble
My life’s on December
No love on the better
Size simple and deliver ain’t no body fucking with us
Say it on, you better know it
Fuck it know it
You’re bitch know it
I was staying on the block away from the Eifel Tower
‘bout to hit stage in less than a couple of hours
In front of fifty thousand you can feel the power
This the man’s game, pressing probably kill the coward
Enough Europe’s groupie I can feel the shower
I’m searching for some feeling that can feel inside one
Raping with legend I say I always do that
Cuz I’m a legend I the making but you probably knew that
Large …between dreams and reality
When I discover my works are like all in a gallery
They’re timeless, vision are the finest my head
Now I got ‘em in my …while they are in my bed
And fuck braking leg nigga let’s brake that
Often th reality took some really …
And this one last forever and this one last forever
So my long is set
I got now, you got next
And you nigags better know it
You better know it
Fucking know it
Cuz you’re bitch know it
My psychology is to keep it real policy
I fail but the same nigga, my nigga there’s no apologies
My plof plug I was white this not a ..
Obviously I’m a private shit
Let’s just saying in the …
They way you prove discuss some moves that coped the ..
I’ll be in the hood cooking up like all the green
From nothing to something that always been a plan
Hundred grand and rob a bank
Hide that shit from uncle Sam
Our frequencies smoke shops from Amsterdam
Tell me that I’m not that fucking man
Just understand, just been in a place instead the …rap the game
I took every verse I ever made it to all the way
You hear the difference when niggas actually living
There’s passion on your…people actually get the message
But they hear about bitches when they wide it alcohol
Cuz after all that’s the life that we live
And the world gotta know it
They gotta know it
They better know it
Yo’re bitch know it

[Lyrics to You Know It by Demrick]
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