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Demrick - Purple Lyrics (Feat. Mistah FAB)

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Demrick – Purple Lyrics (Feat. Mistah FAB)

Got some purple in my cup
Drank it up
Got some pure in my blunt yeah
Light it up

[Verse 1] I’m stuffing purple hairs in my grape swishers
Bumpin Raekwon’s purple tape
In that purple lake show jersey #8 throw it back cuz you gotta rep it for the great
I’m blowing purple clouds in a purple sky go ahead and light it have you ever seen a purple fire
I blue flame competition niggas wonder why
I come around and go off like the number 9
It’s Cali summer time bitches look double time
Double cupped up drunk swerving threw the double lines
Promethazine fein leaning like a diet
Try it our be quite we up in here to riot
I’m high up like a pilot haters on silent don’t promote violence but we saying don’t try it
That purple kush makes me cough like bronchitis got the baddest hoes by us

Got some purple in my cup
Drank it up
Got some pure in my blunt yeah
Light it up

[Verse 2] I’m in that purple label polo
And when it ain’t purple label it’s regular polo I’m taking photos
In that purple masy (Maserati) riding solo
Color purple I be beating their ass their ass like harpo
Purple Jordan grape 5’s deep dive knee high riding with T Banks & Nety
Buzz like a bee hive
Blind to the bullshit so yup I’m blind I do t see guys
(What you see?)
My eyes see lesbos bulldog like Fresno
Riding with a she hoe why you call her yes hoe cuz whatever I ask the bitch never says no
Purple like Barney the MOB is an Army
Listening to Jay Z getting frisked out of Barneys
Pure like the jersey on AP only time for the money you see this AV (watches)

Got some purple in my cup
Drank it up
Got some pure in my blunt yeah
Light it up

[Verse 3] I feel like Hendrix in a purple haze
Just a young prince in the purple rain
With retro 7’s black red and purple J’s
They my throwaways but don’t scuff the suede
Keep a couple OZ’s that just for the fade from a couple OG’s that’s where I got my game
On stage in your city if it’s for the pay
She in my telly ( Hotel room) fucking with me trying to misbehave
I like my cup mudded and my diamonds flooded never sweat a dime bitches come a dime a dozen
Mind buzzing of weed, liquor, and purple pills
My name buzzing cuz my flow known to kill at will
Purp strong you can smell it when I brake the sealed
Shorty say she love my songs wanna make it real
On my independent grind niggas making deals
Always keep my cup filled

[Lyrics to Purple by Demrick (Feat. Mistah FAB)]

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