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Denny White - Widescreen Lyrics

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Denny White – Widescreen Lyrics

I heard your striking out
Jury said your guilty now
I see ya fading out
So tell me, wheres your new lover?

Oh no your bleeding out
And I don’t give shit about
Of all your wasted life
Cause I still got mine
I still got out alive

Your hours are spreading thin
And she can’t wait to start again
Your powers are up and gone
Hear the sirens here they come in

Widescreen slow-motion
ya their coming for you
Watch your back cause I’m spreading
the news of what ya do
your soul is runnin
has run out of time
don’t ya know
the Lord aint saving a place
for you, when ya die..

Go on and take your gold
it’d be the only thing at night
to keep ya warm
ya feelings come and go
but ya broke a vow to love the one ya hold

oh tell me was it worth your soul
for a, cheap kiss, quick fix
the story goes
never thought you’d end up like this
don’t ya worry a traitor won’t be missed in

You were the one who said love hurts
but now your lying in the dirt
this time I’ll let you lay there

I was the one who put ya first
when you ran off with her after church
now it looks like maybe loves fair?
Too late for a lesson learned, I watch the the tables turn..

in widescreen, slow motion

[Lyrics to Widescreen by Denny White]

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