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Denzil Porter - Survival Of The Fittest Freestyle Lyrics

Denzil Porter – Survival Of The Fittest Freestyle Lyrics

Boogie down Bronx
That’s the shit that I [..] my organized palms that’s growns
Weak the streets that I’ve known
[..] wrong and high shit [..] lay at homes,
Or the streets you cook it stop risking shot for your cellphone
They’ll say it
Look like a gun, well I rap like one too
I’m so, just that I ain’t got no safety
My trigger gets pulled or the chicken they duck
No one be for this ball, give me the beat I turn up
Show you niggas is fool, but y’all these niggas is ..
Could even fuck their bitch roll, I spit .. I spit balls
You’re my friends ignition, you ain’t real when you spit wars
And that’s off, but it’s hard, you joker
You fuck with the king and .. this card,
You’re soaking this charge, you didn’t care and .. your f*cking with
I make the hardest lyricism, let’s go ride but promise thinking
this lane at this game and quickly you should switch lanes,
’cause If the people eat me up I make their whole shit change,
Go check the toilet if you don’t believe me
And when my milk is spoiling, I turn my look to ..
I turn my best for good in, I turn my beast to peace in
My friends is from the hood in, my enemie’s in pieces,
These niggas getting biffin quickly in the sky and squeezing
Why should I run he’s shooting like he guys in beef with Jesus,
Why should I be from rather get the baddest bitch and please us,
On a coast of nigga bitches on the walk,
I got my feed up, it’s reggie in the air,
Our niggas should get our weed up and my G up
In every hood got a right cheater
The hood nigga dream about beamers,
While rich niggas dream about dreamers,
f*cking world until we leave us
They burn bridges we just burn riffa
And sweet the nigga true girl, they’ll take the ayo from my penis
Unless you plan to use it, but I don’t pay for p**sy
I heard the Benz will make the .. well I got Benz from music
We like the best no contest like every time we do it
My content that even make the GPS losin’
Keep it movin’ mother*cker, keep it movin’
Now keep it movin mother*cker.

[Lyrics to Survival Of The Fittest Freestyle by Denzil Porter]

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