Devin Miles - 4:12 AM Lyrics

Devin Miles – 4:12 AM Lyrics

My momma told me anything is possible with faith, right?
Just believe that you got wings and you might take flight
My favorite color’s red, but I ain’t too fond of break lights
Got my foot on the fucking gas, do you see how they loving that?
When it comes to rap, this slick is a word roll out of my tongue
Got enough on my plate to go around but ain’t offering you none
Independent, fuck what you’ve heard, but them offers gonna come
Heard y’all been searching for some peace of mind, let me offer you some
Tryna compete against my shine is as hard as it comes
It’s sorta like how pop flies get lost in the sun
Your little moves get lost in the shine of the product, that pun
It’s that top notch, that blue magic, got all of them numb
Been giving blessings over these rackets, been hard from the dump
Kush has been all in my lungs and pimping been all in my blood
Heart throb Miles, women been falling in love
Jug at 19, even the mighty have fallen to us
I’m calling a bluff of any nigga who want it with us
Said I don’t need to rap, my nigga scholar would gobble you up
I held a meeting with my squad, made a promise to us
That absence of any double, I promised to stunt
Funny seeing bitches who had hate transform into lust
We creating new trends, they conforming to us
And still if little niggas want beef I George Foreman it up
I got the baddest bitch here and the fact that she’s foreign’s a plus
Now let all of that settle, y’all always doing your thing, my bad, I didn’t mean to meddle
You tryna reach my point but remember, homie, there’s levels
Been cooking these bees and staking these chips, verses like kettles
They taunt me for this and that but I thrived off being hackled
Look at me now, fuck niggas look at me and ain’t gotta look back and smile
Shit, I figure for a project so I have ‘em tapping out
I drop this forte, watch ‘em submit and I kick back in style
Fuck words, they only mean something if you act them out

Shit, it’s late, I should be passing out
Fuck, if the time’s fitting, got these thoughts I need to rap ‘em out

All these thoughts got me rapping about everything I done been through
Every part of my life, put it all on the instrumental
Every part of my come up and everybody I’m kin to
Every girl that I loved and everyone that I dismissed, too
Every trust that I cherished and everyone that I misused
Had personal shit to sift through, had childish tendencies
It’s pretty safe to say this kid grew
Yeah, tension where my pop tryna cut through that like against you
But between two stubborn niggas it’s hard to meet in the middle
Is it hard for me? Just a little
But momma said just keep a little faith and you can get through
I know y’all hope my buzz stop, y’all praying that’ll fizzle
But you ain’t realizing, son, hot and remaining on sizzle

These are thoughts I had to rap out loud
Shit, it’s late, I should be passing out
Fuck, if the time’s fitting, these thoughts I need to rap ‘em out
My thoughts, I had to, yeah, yeah

[Lyrics to 4:12 AM by Devin Miles]

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