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Devin Miles - Hella Late Lyrics

Devin Miles – Hella Late Lyrics

Well, my Honda from Japan so I guess I’m riding foreign
HELLA LATE to the function, never patient for fuck shit
I been on my grizzly, jail, niggers won’t pass against me
It’s something like you and me playing 2K and my A Iceland did it right
Y’all niggers talking a lot jibber jabber
Doesn’t matter, nigger, still make it happen
I know love from a couple of these niggers
And now I’m a rapper that they wanna make a track with
See, somebody backwards
But I’m kinda fly that I be seen as an asset
I need a bitch who the baddest
And if I ask if we’re last
Who will fry a nigger chicken wings, bake biscuits with cheese in the batter
That’s the shit I like
That’s the shit, that’s the shit, that’s the shit I like
I swear I got a mic, I show up at the spot, bought 100D
More of us on the way
I’m new to town but we never late
When it comes at me I do blaze

Since a child, been golden
Like Lager, flow proper, shit hot, it’s been potent
Been potent from legends, my story’s unfolding
My niggers held me down, never had no boss
I swear our shit get in the coaches
As for our time, put it over
I been on my shit, I think I’ll get myself a promotion
Been on a new level of focus
Ain’t shit you can tell me, ain’t you get that notice?
I’ll make sure you get one sent over
Make plans then I put ’em in motion
I been in the lab cooking up, make sure you take my new shit in dozes
A lot of dope in the dozes, kush from Cali, your bitch here to roll it
Run tell that to the man, middle fingers to the cops and the haters
Run tell that to the man, fuck the norm, I’mma get to this paper
Hella late to the function
I know you wanna hate but you love it
You’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting on me, though
Don’t worry, i’m coming

[Lyrics to Hella Late by Devin Miles]

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