Dismissed - I'm Okay With Change Lyrics

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Dismissed – I’m Okay With Change Lyrics

What if I just slow this down for a minute
I’m living in the past and I want it on repeat
Each time I look into the mirror I start to look more and more like you,
And its scaring the shit out of me,
I could lose it all,
If I don’t get control of myself, this won’t end well at all

This road wont carry me home,
This road wont carry me home

I’ve tried to turn it around, break free from this cage, t
Trough these ties I’m bound
Told myself there’s time to change
But time’s running out. (time’s running out)

You’ve ruined this home, these things that I feel
I can’t seem to shake this,
I’ll never forget the way you looked at me and you said no (you said)
And I’m feeling so alone,
I know I can make it until the end,
Just carry me home,
Just carry me home

I tried to change but I poured myself another now I don’t care

This isn’t me, this isn’t who I want to be
I don’t, I don’t want this to be my grave
(No, and I’m feeling so alone,
I know I can make it until the end,
Just carry me home,
Carry me home)

I always remember, that you’re a part of me that I can’t hide from forever
Everyday’s a constant struggle knowing I could end up just like you,
Drowning all my sorrows,
It’s such a shame not to remember such a beautiful view.
I’ll always remember.

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Dismissed - I'm Okay With Change Lyrics

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