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Donny Goines - Downsideup Lyrics

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Donny Goines – Downsideup Lyrics

Please don’t compare me to another man,
I been killin it in the city since son of sam,
I don’t need a stage at summerjam
No ego but ebro i got other plans,
Let’s keep moving,
They pre schooling, we need music
Lyrics with beats to it, the people see through it
I’m not the savoir, it’s not me against the majors,
So before you start the argument let me just sign the waiver
See my agenda, be remembered, historical,
Why are these rappers sounding so braindead, rhetorical,
And no offense i don’t care about beats by dre, i just wanna
Hear beats by dre, can you blame me,
A 80’s baby stuck in the now, once in a while i remind ’em jay z raised me
Songs thought provoking, thoughts start commotions,
Rosary on my neck that’s cross promotion, bars, i got
More than folsom, more than french quarter off louisiana’s ocean,
More than a million cell phones charged
Wit edison’s notion, ok let me refocus,
Forget trending topics,
Forget instagram,
Log off ya facebook,

Dinner plans,
Here’s some food for thought,
Little culture shock,
For me love and hip hop aint mona scott
Sorry, a little clumsy with names what you want me to say,
Press think i’m hungry for fame, no, while most
Sneak behind to breach the line with speech and lies,
I put a megaphone to my skull and speak my mind, class
Of my own i am not a freshman,
Somewhere between veteran and legend,
Anyway rest in peace maya angelou

Sad to say many women couldn’t understand ya poems,
Too busy twerkin,
Too many selfies,
I fall to my knees
And beg the lord to help me,
This generation lost slaves to the wealthy,
And i’m supposed to get on here and sell me,
(i just want a million dollas,
Pretty girls nice cars on my momma,
I gotta turn uo, i gotta turn up
And aint nobody gonna stop us)

Add a few 16’s that’s what you want?
Nother jigaboo wit a hit or two, it’s
Pitiful, talkin bout the hair on blue ivy,
Let’s talk about the elephants killed for ivory,
Outsourcing to chinese
That’s beyond ya scope,
Ignorance is bliss, i’m a miserable man,
So the difference exists, now i embrace the moniker
Of outcast, big boi & 3000 outkast,
Hit a pitchfork in the road,
Pitchfork here’s a quote, hip hop needs a change, disagree?

This a seance,
Big it’s chaos,
Rappers paintin wit crayons,
I’m creating like dali, salvador
Salvatore ferragamo flow, vamanos,
Get my point across i.E domino’s,
I aint gotta sell it, exaggerate or
Embellish, my adversaries are jealous,
They don’t wanna see donny blow,
Listen i’m in a whole nother bracket
Taxes, rappers, already got classics,
Where’s mark cuban i’ma show who’s a maverick,
Begotten, only difference
I don’t take sabbath, you think iggy work,
Bubble like kimmy’s skirt, mazel tov ye,
Trajectory of the kid he birthed, north and often,
My songs in coffins,
Bars are awesome,
Like a man who snort endorphin’s
I erratically, shatter beats,
Savagely rip anatomy, arms,
Legs from their cavities,
Just to show these rappers
They need a little academy,
Are you kidding me,
I bring it to em figurative or literally,
See the moral of the story
Is, i am so tired of the corny shhhhh,
But i won’t complain about it,
I’ma just show’em why i’m great without

[Lyrics to Downsideup by Donny Goines]

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