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Don't Look Back - Silent Treatment Lyrics

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Don’t Look Back – Silent Treatment Lyrics

Your closed lips and those words you save
Driving pins and needles through my brain
My one wish is for you to say
The things that drive you further down each day
My thoughts all mean nothing until I hear something
from you
Creating these problems, persistence won’t solve this dispute
If there’s one thing that you’re sure of is that you hold strong
While there’s nothing that I’m cured of
Where do I belong?

And I can’t wait to see your face when you come out into the open
Because a desperate case calls for a desperate lie
When will you just stop and say that
Everything will be OK?
And I don’t have to worry anymore
The silent treatment does me in well
Not that you even care to tell
Turn your back on me till I drive home

I panic over nothing
While I’m second guessing
My self esteem lacking
Pretending I’m happy
Concealing frustration,
Restricting temptation
While I’m sinking deeper
With no rhyme or reason
Why can’t I just forget?
Collisions in my head
They wrap around my neck
And leave me for dead

[Lyrics to Silent Treatment by Don’t Look Back]

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