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Drastic Solution - Iron Cop Lyrics

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Drastic Solution – Iron Cop Lyrics

Outlaw, go ahead
Make my day let me shoot in your head
Sketches of brain
Will paint what surrounds us wonderfully well
Shooting insane
I satisfy my thirst for revenge
Magnum 44,
Through it of justice and fate i’m the lord
I’m the…

Iron cop x4

Shooting, chases,
Are things that make me feel at peace
Fire on wheels
Burnout, smoke, and spin on the roads
Collateral demage,
Doing my duty to destroy the place
Report, paperwork,
This is not for me but i’m forced to do so
I’m the…

Iron cop x4

44-gauge of my pistol
It has big balls- for devastation
Strong recoil- you have to keep it well
Loud thunder- and then ring the bell

I’m the…

Iron cop x4

[Lyrics to Iron Cop by Drastic Solution]
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