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Dreamcatcher - Heaven Sent Lyrics

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Dreamcatcher – Heaven Sent Lyrics

I’m outside your favorite club and my world is pitch black again.
There’s a million things I’m thinking of and you’re all of them.
I can’t get out from these walls I surround myself in.
And you seem to run away faster than I can.

I’m all alone.
Heaven sent, you were mine.
You swore you’d never leave me behind.
I’m in hell all the time.

Where did I go when you cried?
I wouldn’t forgive me, if I were you I’d forget me.
What the hell was I thinking of when you left the city?
You left me here.

And I’ve drawn circles in my skin to remind me that you burn brighter when I’m alone.
You’re a fighter, but you don’t.
I’ve been a liar for so long, I say I’ll change but I won’t.
I wanted to tell you that I feel see-through.

You’re better without me.
I’m nothing without you.
I’m nothing.

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