Dreaming Awake - Oathkeeper Lyrics

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Dreaming Awake – Oathkeeper Lyrics

I will keep this oath
Our hearts were never meant to be meshed
The lights are crashing down,
Now darkness is all that’s left
I swore to you I’d never leave,
I swear you’re all i need
By my side to get me through this mess

The shadows linger
Our sorrows grow meaner
as we’re left to fight til death
A promise is never kept by a cowered
While the worlds standing still
I’ll rise to power

I’m dying here can’t you see that my soul has been,
stolen by heartless creatures on four legs
They know no remorse no consequence

I feel the filth crawling underneath my skin
I need some answers to get me through this
Fumbling around, I can’t catch my balance
Despite the circumstance I’ll still go the distance
Your love is what makes my perseverance
These tired eyes know no fear
Through the journey I still feel you here
But with love so blind

I can’t seem to give up hope
it’s like a crazy disease that’s incurable

The journeys hard and my heart grows weak
But the taller the light, the smaller darkness seems
come with me, babe, we’ll find a way,
To shape these memories our own way
lost in the chain of memories
lost in the chain of memories

[Lyrics to Oathkeeper by Dreaming Awake]

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