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Driver Friendly - Everything Gold Lyrics

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Driver Friendly – Everything Gold Lyrics

Got lost on the way back home
Just wanted to take the back roads
Shaking from the dread, shivering from the cold
I got tired of feeling safe and talking slow
Every step was a dance with hesitance
Everything’s gold, everything goes

An out stretched hand is an open promise
It takes more than words to stay honest
Fall in and out of belief
Fade into me

Nothing left to hold me back
Line them all up
Spread them all out
Breathe in, breathe out
Watch them fall down
I put my ear to the ground just to follow the sound
But it only sounds the same, it always sounds the same
Everything’s gold, everything goes

When I’m lying in bed
I don’t ever sleep
I just close my eyes and wait, wait, wait
Still as a stone
‘Till the birds sing low

[Lyrics to Everything Gold by Driver Friendly]

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