Dwayne Applewhite - My Life, My Thoughts Lyrics

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Dwayne Applewhite – My Life, My Thoughts Lyrics

Lately I’ve been in a stress mood
I’m still in school but I don’t wanna be here
Fuck a college degree but in my mind I feel it’s the only way to prosperity
Mom and pops keep sparing me
Giving me knowledge preparing me as I enter in the league
I’m on my knees praying the Lord
Provide my every need and what I need I guess I’ll leave it up to him
Cuz I keep on following evil it’s bringing back to him
I’m closer to suicide and I’m slaved to the flashy gems
Brought back to reality when I’m rocking them ashy timbs
Them classy women keep laughin’ cuz I can’t afford denim
Then I’m forced to take over the microphone
And write songs that only I can sing along too
Swear to god it won’t be long before I’m riding in coupe
Poppin’ bottles and fucking models
Become an idol that people follow because that’s something cool to do
It’s just the truth and I know that it seems recycled
But life is a fuckin’ rifle
The government watching moves
When I move I start a whole movement of people before the lose it
Of course I’m just on a mission ambition
Bigger than Biggie ambiguous type of living

It’s my life and my thoughts
It’s my life and my thoughts
So f*ck you (you, you, you)
And you (you, you) and you (you, you)
It’s my life, check it out!
And my thoughts, yo, yo, yo!

I’ve been in a blessed mood
I’m out of school and really glad to be here
Gotta college degree cause in my mind I know it’s the only way to security
Without being security
But curiously
I’m entertaining this music industry
While on my knees thanking them niggas for looking over me
Back in the day
When people used to laugh in my face
Now I’m living it to the limit while I’m laughing to chase
Fresh outta college (outta college)
Still remember the day
Packing in that Honda Civic on the way to the yay
With a hope and a dream
A book of poems and means
To stop dreaming and do it
Get out that Buick and beam
Cause I’m expecting a seed
Girl two months pregnant
But we’ve been fussing and fighting so now she calling and texting
Saying she had an abortion
Said it wasn’t an option
Couldn’t live her life putting her baby up for adoption
But truthfully
Her baby could have been me
Turned misfortune into fortune
Now unfortunately
I’m sorry momma that my commas keep you calling to me
Your missed abortion turned to orphan that you often see
In every dream like a feam always thinking of me
I remain as the person you desire to see
I remain in this environment inspired to be
Always growing cause I’m focused on what’s higher than me

It’s my life, it’s my thoughts!

[Lyrics to My Life, My Thoughts by Dwayne Applewhite]

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Dwayne Applewhite - My Life, My Thoughts Lyrics

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