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Ed Ghost Tucker - Devils Lyrics

Ed Ghost Tucker – Devils Lyrics

Three little devils are laughing together
They’re playing and singing and dancing and ringing
The bell makes no sound audible to the crowd
But inside I can hear it, goddamn I can feel it

One has the matches, while the other has gases
The third one is smiling and waiting and watching
When the moment is right, oh my brain will ignite
And the flame will consume it and twist it and move it

Our bodies are spineless and sticky and eyeless
They writhe through the soil as they curl and coil
We’re slithering blindly in unholy harmony
Our fleshes are fusing and seeping and oozing

The fluids we’re blending and mixing and mending
Our souls whisper secrets in tongues made of fire
It’s sweet and it’s sickly and salty and sour
We’re swimming in pools made of milk, honey showers

The stars are all shining so bright and so lovely
I wish I could pluck them like fruit from tree branches
Of course God won’t allow it, no, no, he won’t have it
But Wormwood has fallen right into my pocket

He’s speaking and signing and winking and whining
“Oh, Lucifer, Lucifer lead me to shelter”
Because everyone knows that the Devil is clever
“I can’t, I am sorry, I’m burning forever”
My brains weren’t bred
For loving my battered bones
And sweet John has said
“I’ll rise when the horses roam”
For now, I’ll sing my sins
Because it makes me a better man
Than I’ve ever been
As I put down my hands and I look at this page
Well I think to myself, “What the hell have I made?”
It was never my choice, no, I was never in charge
But these voices keep yelling, “Yes you are, yes you are”

[Lyrics to Devils by Ed Ghost Tucker]
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