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Edge - Innocence Lyrics

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Edge – Innocence Lyrics

Now I’m singing alone and I can’t understand
The reason why after all I’ve done
Nothing is left for me …

You took everything and so ,inside of me
Remains only painful memories
But i can’t hate you …

There are no rules for this
To have time for our beloved ones
We have to take care of that
And I share with you my simple trouble of life

Innocence cannot be confused with
The Indifference dropped on me
Purity doesn’t exist in this world
But you can replace it as well

God of a unknown religion
Could you set me free ?
I need certainly in me
Someone that loves me

(Oh) I don’t know why
Every time I try
Nobody satisfies
My endless need of simple, little attentions…

With the honesty

[Lyrics to Innocence by Edge]

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