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Electric Hellride - Grey Mass Depression Lyrics

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Electric Hellride – Grey Mass Depression Lyrics

Our buildings weep. Discoloration!
Grey mass depression that will never sleep
The sky is dark — life will disembark
We’re born of concrete, we’re all pale at heart, a question mark

Grey (eats us all)! The nightmares are calling
Black (rules it all)! The colors are stalling
Numb minds behind the blinds
We all see, we don’t act: grey mass depression

Passive and weak. Like clones in city zones
In broad daylight it’s still dark and bleak
Welcome the end — we won’t defend
We’re born of concrete, we’re all pale at heart, no work of art


…We’re born of concrete
Living in downbeat

Pale is our skin – We will never win
Once so proud, this mighty town
Forgotten, lost, neglected
This rotten crust forever infected

Grey mass depression
Forgotten , lost, neglected
rotten crust infected
a total regression

[Lyrics to Grey Mass Depression by Electric Hellride]
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