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Elegant Simplicity - Feels Like A Lifetime Lyrics

Elegant Simplicity – Feels Like a Lifetime Lyrics

Lying here not knowing where I am
Staring out at the light
It beckons me to come forward now
It’s warmth inviting me in

And then I awake and fine you close at hand
I look at your beautiful face
And suddenly all is well
All is peace and all is love

But something keeps holding me back now
Not sure just where to begin
Feels like a lifetime has passed me by

This pain that I’m feeling now
Just doesn’t want to leave me
I close my eyes and I think of you
And the hurt just seems to go

I am the flame
And I am the spark
AI am the heart that leads the way
You are the life
And you are the soul
And I am the man who loves you

I wanna reach out and hold your hand
But it seems that you are not here
My mind is playing some trick on me
I swear I could hear your voice

The drugs have taken over now
And I no longer feel who I am
I am spiralling into some crazy dream
But still I see only you

How the nightmares linger
In the times of the day
I sleepwalk through night time
And wish my soul away

But something keeps holding me back now
Not sure where to begin
Feels Like a lifetime has passed me by

[Lyrics to Feels Like a Lifetime by Elegant Simplicity]
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