Emily Elbert - World Without Your Love Lyrics

Emily Elbert – World Without Your Love Lyrics

Seeking solace in the shadows and the sea
To begin again
Sovereign moments when my heart can be at peace
And begin again
Don’t know where I lost my way
But nothing quite feels the same
In a world without your love

Been running round the world from my own heart
Is the damage done?
Dug so deep all I can see is dark
Is the damage done?
There’s static in my song
Nowhere quite feels like home
In a world without your love

Everything is as it’s been
Same old thoughts, the same old new locations
Spinning round in circles
Searching for some grand escape
Turning back the clock
Take back the times I turned away

Searching sounds to find the cracks within the walls
Where the light breaks through
Tear through layers ‘til there’s nothing left at all
Then the light breaks through
Close my eyes, I finally see you never left me
And I will never be
In a world without your love

[Lyrics to World Without Your Love by Emily Elbert]

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Artist Emily Elbert Lyrics
Album"Evolve" (2013)

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Emily Elbert - World Without Your Love Lyrics

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