Ephemera - Amoricide Lyrics

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Ephemera – Amoricide Lyrics

In the end
what’s there left of us to love?
I can’t breathe
I swear you burn me out
And with all we’ve been through
I just can’t stand you

I wonder when you’ll tell him about
last night
I told you that I could be a place to
hang your head
last night
We played our game again

The webs that you spin
through your fingertips
all burn to the ground
Sometimes its not even clear
what the fuck you’re here for
I guess I just love hurting you


Come on don’t pull your punches
We both know you’re out for blood
Lipstick stains like a fucking murder scene
We both know you’re out for blood

Crumbled pages dance around your bed
A certain type of emptiness that pressed its
lips to your legs

Hold your own hand by the fire
Its getting awful cold out here

Don’t speak a word
of the mistakes we make each time
we fall back into eachothers’ arms
Back and forth
fuck and forget-me-not again
but this time we’ll make it work

You stayed the night
for what seemed like old time’s sake
You took the cab
and the hangover too
You’re probably wondering what it is
that I wrote this for
But I just want you to know
You were my biggest mistake

I left this here for you
In the hopes you’d change
I won’t forgive you
But there’s room to grow

[Lyrics to Amoricide by Ephemera]

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Artist Ephemera Lyrics
Album"Amoricide" (2014)

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Ephemera - Amoricide Lyrics

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