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Ephemera - Proclamations Lyrics

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Ephemera – Proclamations Lyrics

The taste of ashes never was so sweet
As when I burnt the bridges
Between you and me
Take your sorries to the grave
I’m done with you after
all of this/ is the last time
you’ll hear from me bitch

This will be the end of us

You watched me drown

This house of cards is burning
I’ll press you to the flames
So join me in this final dance
around the issue
I’m choking on the smoke
just so that I can watch your heart stop

Years turned to nothing when you found that/
I had what you wanted
You were always the knife in my back
You’re so see-through
Go speak your lies
that’s alright
I’ve got all the love I need
Right here
by my side

The real ones never leave

Three filthy words fell from your lips
we shared the lie
And I swear that if I get my hands around your throat/
I’ll silence your deceipt
I’m turning away

Take your promises
to the fucking grave

There’s nothing left for you to say to me

Let’s get it in
Breathe in the words best friends
choke on the lies that you fed to us
I hope you choke

[Lyrics to Proclamations by Ephemera]

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