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Ephemera - The Further Lyrics

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Ephemera – The Further Lyrics

Sew my eyes shut
Our dreams suffocate in this
place beyond the veil
blanketed in dark

I cannot remember what my life
was like before these walls
crashed down on me

When they fell they didn’t make a sound
We fall so silent

Stop these walls from
screaming out my name
I’d shut myself inside if I wasn’t
scared of the company
I’ve seen this place before
An empty hallway with the grandfather clock
These pictures wither at the sight of me
I’m not at home inside my skin

So could I stay here for the night
Would you be my escape from
the wolves we never knew
A willingness to judge
I took the knife in hand
All I needed was a crutch
Show me, show me whatever
lights there are that I can’t see
I don’t believe we’re ever
surfacing with these hearts in tact

I’ve seen your face before
An empty smile and eyes that wander
My Midas touch can only create stone
I think its best you keep your distance

Tear the words from my lips
If I were to shout
you wouldn’t hear a sound
Behind this wall of glass

[Lyrics to The Further by Ephemera]

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