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Ephemera - The Letter M Lyrics

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Ephemera – The Letter M Lyrics

Fuck what you heard about me
The smell of fear excites me
That was my only motivation

They’ll never hear you scream
This ends here
The dead commit no crimes
My revenge

Watch me burn
These are the lives you’ve set ablaze
Watch me burn
I will feel no penitence

You bound me in shackles
to the grave that she filled
On the day I find you
Death will come as a relief

I swear that each sunrise is fraying
these ties that bind
I cling to threads
I’m so afraid of these changes
that I keep seeing in my reflection
You’d be so ashamed if you could see
The blood on my hands

I took them all for you
Washed from these pages
I always wonder
What if I was stronger
That day I failed you
I couldn’t save you

I can’t
Just let this knife slide
out of my fucking hands
Save me
From this monster I’ve become
This demon I can’t control

Promise me that you won’t forget
Hold onto who I used to be

Watch me burn
Burn away
Watch me burn
Turn to gray

[Lyrics to The Letter M by Ephemera]

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