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Ephemera - Vultures Lyrics

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Ephemera – Vultures Lyrics

You’ll never find me searching for your love
You cut those ties when you
turned your back on me
Now its your turn to suffer

You have no power over me

I made it
I made it here without you
You won’t ever hear me beg
I’m standing stronger since you left
You walked away

I’ll shout it out
These hands they lace together
We’re stronger now
No one can save you now

I took a stand and I’ll take the fall
We’re not backing down
We live and die to watch this all
Turn to dust

Will you still play with fire
once you’ve burnt every bridge
that you’ve come across?
Will you still paint yourself gold
once the whole world has seen you
for all you are?

If things get better
I’ll still remember
I won’t forgive you
That’s more than you’d ask of me
And when its over
We’ll all grow colder
I won’t forgive you
that’s more than you’d ask of me
And when you finally see
I will be there to say that I told you so

I saw who you were
when you sat with the vultures
Oh how you’ve hid your feathers well
my friend
You know the fall is harder
the further you climb
I’ll drag you down to hell
with my last breath

My hands they bleed
from clawing at the stones
I’ll tear you down
from your pedastal

You’ll learn to hate yourself

I’ve found the truth
Its that we make our own path
No one can carve these steps for you
Stop searching right now
and put a hand to your heart
all that you’ve needed
was there from the start

I’m stronger than I was
I don’t need you anymore

I’m done looking up to you
my feet are planted
I’ll make my own sunshine

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