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Erica Freas - Like Weather Lyrics

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Erica Freas – Like Weather Lyrics

Pieces of the future lie like weather on your face
Sometimes I think of how it was before
Sometimes I’ve overtaken by the wave that brings the change
That flavor of the mouth against the shote

And it stretches my skin when I try to predict everything
I try to see the nighttime from the day
We’ve all taken measures to protect what we prefer
And hoarded those we’ve loved along the way

I went to sleep in hopes I’d wake up and be strong
Behind my lids would change what needed change
And it stretches my skin when I try to make you everything
I try to squeeze the nighttime from the day

I hope you taste what I am not
Hope you eat all that you want
Hope that we don’t close our eyes or look away
There’s years beneath our feet

And I still flinch when you flash your teeth
Baby, we have choice but can’t choose not to change
Because you’re bigger than me
And I won’t be the wind and the sky and the sea

But it’s not about what we say it’s about what we believe
And it’s not about dodging rain
Cuz we’re gonna get wet either way
So let go like weather, what’s better than more of the same?
Let go like weather, a tether won’t hold back a name

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