Etched In Stone - Only Silent, Still Lyrics

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Etched In Stone – Only Silent, Still Lyrics

Inscribed in papyrus
A thousand fucking years ago,
A message meant to warn
Of our current age;
Where no man is free and
All are enslaved to a god they create.

This wretched sinner’s curse
To be educated yet damned
Is the vilest manifesto
Enshrined in gold,
Encased like the holy scriptures
Hidden away from your eyes,

We’ve come so far,
Yet the darkness blinds you still,
Let the light of the truth shine in,
Lest you limit your evolution,
Yet chances are,
As a stillborn rise again,
So would mankind
Accept what really happened.

No god above to save you now.
{Wretched again at your actions.}
No creator condoning hate.
{Only silent, still.}
Watch now, as they suffer.
{Where is your father now?}
Watching the world burn…
{Only silent, still.}

This mysterious absence in the universe, a foretelling of what is to come?

[Lyrics to Only Silent, Still by Etched In Stone]

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Artist Etched In Stone Lyrics
Album"The Failure of Modern Man" (2014)

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Etched In Stone - Only Silent, Still Lyrics

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