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Exthenia - Future Is A Dead End Lyrics

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Exthenia – Future Is A Dead End Lyrics

In this world, beneath the land
Ruins – Evil’s creation
No rest before it has fallen
Changed to dust

Day by day
The end is near
Now, meet your fate

Hour by hour
The world decays
This is what you’ve done

After this there’s no future or past
Nothing to live or nothing to last
It’s your death, your fate
Now it’s the time for you to burn in hell!

Step aside, watch the world burn
The flames, the ash, the dust
No hope, no more
The future is dead end!

You’re creating your own sentence
Wasn’t this your plan?
To be deceased – never released

You have nothing to do
Your things are done
You will end up dying
We won’t rest, no time to lose
You have no escape

[Lyrics to Future Is A Dead End by Exthenia]

© Mikael Weckström 2014

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