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Fab Claxton - Good God Y'All Lyrics

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Fab Claxton – Good God Y’All Lyrics

I can’t resist her – I want your sister
And your momma too – yeah all three of you
Don’t tell your old man – catch me if he can
He wants a piece of me – since I got a piece of his whole family

All my compulsions give me convulsions
While your daddy’s gone – I’m gonna mow your lawn
You make me hot in that skirt – you must be hot in that shirt
You know I never lose with mirrors on my shoes

Good God y’all – hot damn
Good God y’all – alright

Start spreading the news – I’m back on the booze
I got good vibrations – I’ll unite your nations
I climb in your window just to play Nintendo
I’m half Gemini and Taurus – I wanna see your……

Get in the ring – I was born to be King
I’m sauerkraut – first-round knockout
I’ll mack her pappy just to make her happy
Ha ha blue gringo! I’m drum you like Ringo

Good God y’all – hot damn
Good God y’all – alright

I broke my foot

[Lyrics to Good God Y’All by Fab Claxton]

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