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Face Your Maker - Tyranny Lyrics

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Face Your Maker – Tyranny Lyrics

Forced top be controlled by subliminal
Mind condition materialistic traits
Born into imprisonment
Consumed by consumption
Luxuries blind humanity
From the harsh truth of false accomplishments

This is known as modern day slavery
Divided nations filled with disgusting pigs
Freedom is life’s greatest lie
Freedom is a figment of imagination
Humanity is the pig
And government is the butcher

You are all in line
Every one will get a chance
You are all in line
Every one will get a chance

Enslaved to work everyday for nothing
I won’t bow down to their oppression

Never will I carry out your lies
A world full of copies
A world full of greed
A world full of tyrants
Controlling every thing
Cast into the flames of regret
Enforcing ideas that contradict

I will never fall to my knees
I’d rather die on my feet
Abusing power at their own needs
Manipulating society

© 2014 Face Your Maker

[Lyrics to Tyranny by Face Your Maker]

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