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Farms and Fields - He Must Increase Lyrics

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Farms and Fields – He Must Increase Lyrics

Verse 1:
This testimony is sealed in Him.
The Triune God is true.
We witness from the earth below,
That He, above us, rules.

We shout and curse from mountain tops.
We’re filled with fire and rage,
He whispers with authority
And earth and sea obey.

He must increase; I must decrease
The Bridegroom calls to offer His peace.
Impossible with men to achieve,
But by His power, I want to receive.

Verse 2:
The love between the Father and Son,
Preeminently treasured
Completing holy union in Three.
The Spirit without measure.

His invitation for the feast,
All sons and daughters come
But only in our decreased self,
And increase of the Son.

Verse 3:
Do not ignore the Bridegroom’s call,
Receive His gracious gift.
Answer the reservation now,
Come be His joyful guest.

Come now and pay honor to the Groom,
He keeps His covenant vows.
Surrender everything to Him
You will not be cast out.

[Lyrics to He Must Increase by Farms and Fields]

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