Field Division - Faultlines Lyrics

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Field Division – Faultlines Lyrics

You trace your bloodlines to the fault line
Down to San Andreas land
Where Earthly beings no longer have a plan,
You trace your bloodlines to the sand

I see you walking through the valley
Heading straight to the ravine
Where in the hell do you think you’re going,
Nobody yet knows your name

You met that lonesome beggar
Out on the open road
So damn far from our loving home
And you identified yourself with him
All the talk and all the sin

He told you we would be forever,
He told you there would be no end
And though you wander alone for now
Darling, I hope you find your way

[Lyrics to Faultlines by Field Division]

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  • Avatar photo Jamie West-Cormier says:

    This song is so ethereal and beautiful. The longing in Evelyn’s voice perfectly captures the desire of the narrator for her love to find his way back home to her. It’s so piercing and heartbreaking.

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Field Division - Faultlines Lyrics

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