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Fine Fine Titans - Fahrenheit Diaries Lyrics

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Fine Fine Titans – Fahrenheit Diaries Lyrics

It came down like autumn leaves-
Burnt orange and yellow musk
It came down and singed our skin
Like shattered trust
The embers of tonight and today and
Every moment passed-
Glowing specks of blushing has-beens-
We faded to dust that night

Momentarily the memories, they
Glistened and then turned ashen
The words written fell like
Feather-like snowflakes
And every word of you brushed my cheeks
Then disappeared

Where’d you go?

Those glaring embers of brilliant tangerine
Sunk into the ground just like the-
Just like the fury of your love for me

We faded to dust that night
We always fade

[Lyrics to Fahrenheit Diaries by Fine Fine Titans]

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