Fist Benders - Understand Lyrics

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Fist Benders – Understand Lyrics

I would like to dance.
Maybe you would too.
Sometimes life is fun.
I am upside down.
You are far away.
Everyone’s selfish.
We all want someone to share our story with.
Hello, old friend. How are you doing these days? It’s been a while since we’ve talked.
I’m not sure what I should say.
Silent wave of emotion.
Cynical praise of feigned devotion.

Violent wave of emotion beneath a thin film of plaque in the back of your mouth.
Violent wave of emotion behind a thick layer of lies on the tip of your tongue.
Violent wave of emotion; grit your teeth to bite back the notion.
Tell me everything you ever wanted to do.
Tell me everything you ever thought, ever knew.
Dig through your memories.

I know there’s life behind those eyes.
Like learning to paint, you can scrape together love and cry.
Our expectations were taught, it’s through no fault of our own.
Still you can see their thoughts and slit their throats.
I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned of going away,
try to convince us both that one day I will be ok.

[Lyrics to Understand by Fist Benders]

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Artist Fist Benders Lyrics
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Fist Benders - Understand Lyrics

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