Fist Benders - You'll Be Calm Lyrics

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Fist Benders – You’ll Be Calm Lyrics

Here’s to hoping you’ll be gone within the hour.
Take the fragrance from your shower;
leave my clothes alone.

It must be so easy to put things in the past.
Wipe drawn hearts from the glass.
Strike a match.
Cremate your papers; nothing lasts.

Please sink your false teeth into me like icing on the concrete.
I’ve been pissed off at nothing here.
There’s no one here.
It’s a new year.
I’ll face my fears.

Here’s to hoping you’ll be calm within the hour.
Back to our respective showers we will go.
We could laugh forever like this.
We could choke on our devices; let the paint exist upon our skin to stitch up rips.
Reflect on what we had; it all, the good, the strange, the bad.
Not so great I guess, but fuck the world, it’s us.

I’m a sad kid.
That’s not your fault.
I’m a sad kid; it’s a habit.
Need me, I’ll be here. Come back next year.

[Lyrics to You’ll Be Calm by Fist Benders]

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Artist Fist Benders Lyrics
Album"Fist Benders" (2015)

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Fist Benders - You'll Be Calm Lyrics

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