Flor - Let Me In Lyrics

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Flor – Let Me In Lyrics

Under my skin
Not much feels like this
So cold it burns
Soft spoken words
“all I need is you to let me in”

I don’t know why
The bad tricks the good side
It won’t let go
Innocent it may be
But it cuts deep
And stays

It never goes away

And i’ll be sorry if you leave me
I’ll be sorry if you go
And i’ll be sorry when you leave me
I’ll be sorry when you go

You say you want me
You say you love my mind
Show it sometime
I know you know
You’re never gonna get my heart
You’re never gonna get my heart
Until you love in kind

Hold you close
Till I see you go
Know I can’t hold on for long
Hold you tight
Till you need to go
Know you can’t be still for long

[Lyrics to Let Me In by Flor]

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Flor - Let Me In Lyrics

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