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Foxes In Fiction - Ontario Gothic Lyrics

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Foxes in Fiction – Ontario Gothic Lyrics

I was trapped under concrete
Built from the memory
Of all the daydreams
That I buried underneath

Now find me a way to divide
All of the noise on the other side
We’ll change where we live in the fall
Soon it will feel like nothing is wrong

And I could see who I should be
Though a past that casts its shadow down over me
In empty fields on summer nights
I feel the flashing lights

Teeth clenched in moonlight
A limitation, want to ignite
Reset my biology
The imitation, the apology

And I felt just like a child
I’m taking it all from the other side
Driving with you in your car
The home that I know seems so far

Spring, fall, I’ve lost it all (the morning fog)
Your empty street where we would meet
These parking lots bless us with peace
Your light has strayed, there’s no release

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