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Franc Grams - Freedom Lyrics

Franc Grams – Freedom Lyrics

[Hook] Freedom, freedom, freedom!

If it’s one thing I love from your bid
My nigga, it’s you
I just like me, shit, I’m doing the bid too
As you were, before you got locked up,
They just switched you
To the other side of the ball, same shit, dude
Life’s obstacles is like it’s selling it’s self
I know you feel me, the story, you could tell it yourself
Part of our life track, fuck, peace on this earth
Incarcerated hurt, a slave to this work
That set you free, but wait
They keep us bound with this minimal bound weight
We fight with pride, like those principles ain’t shit
It’s true, though, refuse those ways, I had to move, though
We hit the streets searching for freedom and former loop holes
Cheap a system, every day I’m giving, we are pitchin’
Tryna break outta those chains that we were given
Cop cars and cameras, none of them, every area
Till’ they relocate yourself, it ain’t fair to us

[Hook] Freedom, freedom, freedom!

Moved again, this conception that you’re off, you’re told
Open your cell, you walk so bold on those roads
But you can’t get a job to stay on your toes
Gotta eat, you ain’t free, nigga, you on parole
Your cell bars switch form and got a monster to hold
hunger, pain and dreams are living large as hope
They ain’t providin’ health, nigga
You starving, so you is oughta hard ways
Shit is hard, I know
And they got you on that bracelet
Free [..], when you walkin’ round with a CO
In a form of an anklet, no chain lifted
This is just a relocation
You set the inmates in a different jail station
House arrest, monitored calls and probation
Home checks, curfews, living limitations
A dim line, you walk to a void that violates you
And when they then move yourself
Aw, nigga, this ain’t freedom

[Hook] Freedom, freedom, freedom!

They say the law protect and correct, right!
We ought’a be confused. It’s other how it’s viewed
If you saw it from my shoes. You will see the legal searches
The wrongfully accused. This is more than they choose to show
All up on the news.
That you laughed at piss test[..] order to the dude
I’m paroled, huge drinker, this is also that he lose
This is drug raids, cases built, tryout that he knew
The old monitor renews what they all knew he will do
This is unemployed felon shit, feeling outta act
After time serves, till they got him chilling in this trap
Every background check on every villain in his past
When he teaches what he has to, not that villain, no that cash
This is modern day slave shit, where power gets abussed
This is Amish style slave shit, holocaust day shit
Tray Vonnehew and the killer walks free
And they give my brother ten years for selling drugs, please!
This ain’t freedom!

[Hook] Freedom, freedom, freedom!

[Lyrics to Freedom by Franc Grams]

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