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Freshteno - So Cold Lyrics

Freshteno – So Cold Lyrics

Yo, I stand outside the class but I was with flowers in my hands
Told myself before the end of the day I’mma be a man
Hopefully I don’t get rejected or disrespected
My life ain’t perfect but with you I’m sure that we’ll perfect it
You make me get average but to me you’re so flawless
I like the way you use your brain more and your jaw less
Mind like Einstein, smooth like fine wine
You’re a Leo, too, compatible with my sign
Even better, us together? We’ll be beautiful
Trust is something that wouldn’t get severed
No pamphlet on my phone or social media, I’m giving you all of me, Wikipedia
Hoping you don’t think I’m tripping like expedia
It’s just finding real love is so tedious
Conversations going on in my mind, the bell rings, she came out holding hands with some guy

Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?

Now I’m sitting here depressed, this weather don’t make it no better
My heart’s weak after that tweet of how happy y’all are together
I’m envious of men that tell you jokes to make you grin
It makes me mad as f**k, enough to grab a bat and bat his shins
I’m not psycho, I just wanted it to be us
Told my mom about you, now I feel dumb for bringing it up
So when she question me, what the f**k am I supposed to say?
Oh, that girl I told you about, come to find out she’s gay
No, shit, f**king flowers and shit just to see you walking out with this coward and shit
I should’ve whooped his ass but my body was in shock
I’m a lover, not a fighter but he still would’ve got rocked
But instead I walked the other way hot as hell, the difference from the day would be in jail
If this happened in my younger day, I hope and pray
That one day karma comes this way, until that day

Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why is no one ever there for me whenever I fall?
Why nobody ever answer phones whenever I call?
These thoughts cause fluid to leak from both of my eyeballs
I hate being down, I hate wearing a frown
I hate swimming in alcohol, I hope I don’t drown
If I do, I’m blaming it on you
So you can feel what I felt, I hope the pain never subdues
F**k y’all happiness, I’m over here feeling bitter
Do you really love her? What’s the real reason you’re with her?
Why am I worried about her? Not like she’s worried about me
Let’s be real, she’s been doing just fine without me
Wait, she just tweeted “single”, f**k, trouble in paradise?
Wanna talk about it over pie? We both could share a slice
It’s funny how you thought this love was gold
Last tweet she ever tweeted: “why is love so cold?”

Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?
Why is love so cold, cold?

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