Fyutch - Pull Your Pants Up Lyrics

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Fyutch – Pull Your Pants Up Lyrics

This the last song that I’ll ever sayin nigga on
Jay Z announced the death of auto tune
Death of the word nigga
If u tryna stand for something I suggest you stand behind this

Pull yo pants up nigga pull yo pants up
Pull yo pants up nigga pull yo pants up
Look they call u nigga and u answer
They still call u nigga cuz u answer

Don’t u call me out my name
I ain’t no boy I ain’t no slave
Hip Hop changed the game
But it’s time to rearrange
We made slang a global thang
It ain’t racist if u say
Nigga cuz that’s ok
But nigger uh huh that’s no way

Ain’t no difference it’s the same
Are u deaf do u need sign language?
We gave the world permission
Jokes on is I feel insulted
Hip Hop radio paints a picture
Of no progression just more ignorance
Quite frankly I’m getting short tempered
With the way that the media represents us

You don’t get it, it’s a system
Worked so long that you don’t question
We all got relatives in prison
There’s no unity only division
If you got a problem? say it how you mean it
Articulate it use good EnglishEnglish
Knowledge learn sumthin
Can’t take u serious if u sound dumb

But the answer ain’t college
So much debt that freedom ain’t a option
The life our leaders died for
Look we never got it
Families broken, mothers fathers
Blame it on crack, blame Obama
Niggaz too lazy to change things up
That we don’t even pull our pants all the way up

This song is dedicated to all the times I got called nigger in private school
And all the frat bros that called me
They nigga
To all the niggaz on the west coast and worldwide that think nigga is just a word now

Quit bein an idiot
I’m Harold Michael Simmons II
A scholar an educator
Student of life

I’m pro black pro white pro life, all for progression
I just had to get this out my system

[Lyrics to Pull Your Pants Up by Fyutch]

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Fyutch - Pull Your Pants Up Lyrics

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