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G-Side - 4ever Lyrics

G-Side – 4ever Lyrics

Trust me, it’s paradise
This is where the hungry come to feed
For mine is a generation that circles the globe
In search of something we haven’t tried before
So never refuse an invitation
Never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite
And never outstay your welcome
Just keep your mind open and suck in the experiencedoes
And if it hurts, you know what? It’s probably worth it
You hope and you dream
But you never believe that something’s gonna happen for you
Not like it does in the movies
And when it actually

Where the f**k I’m at’
That was in a hold that I get, now get
Flex on my hoe, what a nigga expect
Geez to God, I know this shit sound odd
Never seen a nigga like me, my God
Never seen a G like this, my God
I’mma ‘
I know it sound crazy but nigga been watching me
Like they gonna copy me
I try to get money and buy me a lake
But this ain’t no shopping spree
All cooking and work, and selling it raw
‘Cause I know the recipe
I’m tipping, I’m gripping, I’m sipping, I’m flipping, I’m whipping
Every time a nigga see me, I’m getting it
Every time a nigga see you, you broke
Hold up, dude that’s smoking on loud
Pull up, I’mma make a pussy nigga throw up
I mean darling, gotta change the pain
Gotta save it in my lane, f**k it, I space jam
I’m playing with the word like a nigga pitch a verse
26 inch and watch a young nigga swerve

I still believe in paradise
But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for
Because it’s not where you go
It’s how you feel for a moment in your life
And if you find that movement
It will last forever

I was high when I wrote this
‘he was on some more shit
I was like oh, no, what to day
He was like do your shit
Told him I was still in this shit
He was like let’s go then
So let’s go in
I’m more focused than I ever been
Never out of my element
I mean I air it out with the entire session
By the second record you can tell I’m lit
Blow back, code black, I need air right now in the cell booth
‘you nasty, but you do that shit better than Ashley
You do that better than my last chick, that good rap need a bad bitch
Done bail good, my squad great, nigga 64 with a cracked grate
New bloods pour two fours in two cups, that’s a heart ache
Damn, money can’t make a motherf**ker this cool ‘my nigga, I got us
And I meant that ’cause I spit that, explode on impact
Expose, eject foes, nigga shit your draws, get your kids back

This moment last forever

[Lyrics to 4ever by G-Side]
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