Gaslighters Union - Corvair Lyrics

Gaslighters Union – Corvair Lyrics

She drags on that cigarette like it holds her last breath,
Hanging around my house all afternoon talking ’bout death.
Sprawl down like a starlet on gran-daddy’s chair,
Working on her pout, tossing around her hair.

Then she waves her dream, got the television set
Says “That rough leader is a man I just don’t get.”
Not bad looking in the lawyer, darling, have bigger cares
Than a few clowns here and there, lying in Corvairs

She says: “When I die, don’t wanna go easy,
No, I just wanna go fast.”

She gets up from the sofa to refill her glass
And I watch those pedal-pushers move against her ass
Tells me “Turn off the TV”, she wants to dance a while
Shaker slips through her fingers, smashes on the tile

She says: “When I die, don’t wanna go easy,
No, I just wanna go fast.”

We play, rock, it’s on the hot, fight, dance and drink a little more
Said when you come back don’t slam the back room door
And she’s taking off her blouse and climb up the stairs
If I had a dime in play, might as well be in Corvair

She says “When I die, don’t wanna go easy,
“No, I just wanna go fast.”

[Lyrics to Corvair by Gaslighters Union]

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Artist Gaslighters Union Lyrics
Album"Corvair" EP (2014)

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Gaslighters Union  - Corvair Lyrics

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