Gnarwolves - Flow Lyrics

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Gnarwolves – Flow Lyrics

There was a rift
Torn apart by a continental drift
Either we’ve pawned our health and innocence
Or they never did exist

Tell me I’m wrong
That we’ll both find our way home

Sometimes I need you more than others
And those times I wanna pluck out his eyes
Tell me I’m wrong

Get on your board
Don’t want to see my home no more
We could just fall apart
And forget all the broken backs and fleeting phone calls
‘cause we’ve both buried friends and dealt with it
Yeah, we’ve all buried loved ones
In our lives

Sometimes I need you more than other
And those times I wanna pluck out his eyes
Because sometimes you seem barely alive
Tell me I’m wrong
And stop feeling so ashamed that you’ll never find an answer

[Lyrics to Flow by Gnarwolves]

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  • Avatar photo Isaac Reed says:

    I have no idea what this song is actually about but considering the lyrics “Sometimes I need him more than others, and those times I want to pluck out his eyes” I would guess this song is about Thom and Max Weeks as brothers.

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Gnarwolves - Flow Lyrics

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