Gravehill - Death Curse Lyrics

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Gravehill – Death Curse Lyrics

Infection spreading. Smell of death in the air. Dead have risen. Corpses rise, everywhere.
Earth is dead. Now a graveyard. All is lost. Ghouls now rule. Catastrophic holocaust.

Stages of total death. Life consumed. Epidemic, mass murder. Hope entombed.
Human plague spreads eternal, ghouls will feed. Breaking bones, ravage flesh that they need.

Crawling dead. Trauma and panic now set in. Reanimated cannibals eat to live.
Deceased corpse, hunting. Out to kill. It smells blood. Ravenous. Guts will spill.

Funeral pyre, raging inferno, death complete. Burning life, smell the ash of those deceased.
Doomsday here, corpses rise. To feast above. Crunch the flesh, engulfed in horror, drenched in blood.

They can smell it. They can taste it in the air. They will find you. They are everywhere.

Ghouls attack. Relentless hunger. Dead are here. Run and hide. Time runs out. They smell the fear.
Time is fatal. Death is painful. Can’t escape. Feel the bites and the shreds. Ghoul your fate.

Hear perdition’s groans. The last thing that you see. Hungry yellow eyes and sharp rotting teeth.

[Lyrics to Death Curse by Gravehill]

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Artist Gravehill Lyrics
Album"Death Curse" (2014)

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Gravehill - Death Curse Lyrics

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