Graves - 506 Lyrics

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Graves – 506 Lyrics

So tell me what happened.
There was a ache in my chest, dark thoughts clouded my head.
I tried to run, I tried to escape it.
There’s no escaping this hatred.

I tried to find comfort in my family.
But they were all too afraid of me.
Menacing thoughts, get the fuck away from me.
Please help.
What the fuck is wrong with me now?
You can’t save me.

I was waiting for death like the coward I am.
I wanted him to sever this fucking head.
Watching shadows shake on the walls.
Cut out my blood shot fucking eyes, one of them crawled off.

All I wanted was your fucking help but now I’m drowning in this fucking hell.

[Lyrics to 506 by Graves]

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Graves - 506 Lyrics

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