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Great Thunder - Neon Swan Lyrics

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Great Thunder – Neon Swan Lyrics

Life imitates art
Only half as true
As the games of light
Which play over you.
I asked if i might trouble
You for a smoke
We both know the trouble
Doesn’t lie in smoking.

Playing hard to get
But, I wasn’t playing hard at all.

We were very tired
Terribly merry
Two blind cigarettes
With the gulf of night before us.
Stealing furtive glances
We’re baited through and through,
With glasses to our lips
To obscure the view.
So, draw back your lines
They bear no more casting
“You were more than time…
You were lasting” (Julio Cortazar)

Playing hard to get
But, I wasn’t playing hard at all.

Now we trace brilliant arcs
In landscapes of smoke
As sunrise fights its way to you
Through slips of curtain.
You led me into evening
To where we lay beside the dawn.
They’ll hang no frames upon us
For we are no swan.

Playing hard to get,
But I wasn’t playing hard at all.

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