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Hand Of Mercy - Emerald City Lyrics

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Hand Of Mercy – Emerald City Lyrics

Homeward bound
A sunrise catches my eye
And for a moment you’re not there
Remain forever on my shoulders
That’s a weight I choose to bear
While others feel a sickness that eats them alive
Anticipation fills my heart
And the panic in my chest subsides
I’ve seen stone and wood from far and wide
That only stands in people’s dreams
There’s been a temptress hand from time to time
But in my heart of hearts
I know my true calling
Even though I’m away,
I’ll be home shortly
Just know that day-to-day
I still think of you fondly
While I don’t get to see you while we’re apart
Across the land or the sea,
You’ll always be in my heart

[Lyrics to Emerald City by Hand Of Mercy]

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