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Hann Cassady - Love Bites Lyrics

Hann Cassady – Love Bites Lyrics

I swear to god that I am happy,
But it is a dream sketched out on a canvas in me.
And you breathe in life with your passion
For stories you tell me

When I am sad and don’t feel like talking.
You’re afraid to turn back into who you were
And I’m so afraid
That you will find someone better than me.

You make me into someone that I am scared to be.
I’ve carved circles in my arms, thick and red,
For better understanding of words I should have said.
I’ve got notebooks full of love songs that you haven’t read.

You have lines under your skin
That you never let me see and poems
Etched in your palms. if you forget the words,
At least you won’t forget what they mean.
You make me into someone that I am proud to be.

[Lyrics to Love Bites by Hann Cassady]
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