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Hannes Grossmann - The Sorcerer Lyrics

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Hannes Grossmann – The Sorcerer Lyrics

I – I am light and disorder
I have come to seek control of the sun
To be the one, be the great preserver
last call becoming second to none

Envy youth for I am immortal
Heavens carry my soul in their sleeves

Bright light binds profane possession
bright eyes level blind confidence
I have been (into) a black dream
I’ve seen through the eyes of a king
A fading antithesis your sunken prophet pleases

Envy youth for I am immortal
Heavens carry my mind in their wake

Worship though and meaning
In heaven your guard is feeding
– “Father, I died for you” –
ironic laughter

Murder wreaks havoc and redemption until my soul bleeds
Ideals to me, unseen until my soul is redeemed

Sorcerer of death’s construction
Raveling into the symptoms you despise
A symphony of symmetric agony
Mother to the symptoms of our life’s demise

Sorcerer of death’s construction

[Lyrics to The Sorcerer by Hannes Grossmann]

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