Heathercrest - Nocturne Lyrics

Heathercrest – Nocturne Lyrics

Every hour that passes slowly kills us
And every day only makes you stronger
What makes you exist and not me?

Surviving with the answers that we created to cope with the world
Born from sleep we await for eternal slumber
I will not live forever, but at least I know what I will do with the time given to me,

Given to me

Your were designed by the world around you
The very masses we orbit with are the creators of feelings
Your individuality
Your were designed by the world around you
The very masses we orbit with are the creators

When putting all the fucking puzzle pieces together
Remember this
The answers are beyond our understanding
(our understanding)

When soaring away, we begin to comprehend
That this blood has been spilled for no reason
Except the fact that we’re driven by our greed and anger

The world keeps turning, so lift you head up
And breathe in life
Breathe in life

If you slaughter the life surrounding you
They’ll only be waiting for you in the end
I’m the man that they sent for you
I’m the man that will bring you down

Where is the lines that separates this and the afterlife
What is this that bounds us to this reality

[Lyrics to Nocturne by Heathercrest]

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Artist Heathercrest Lyrics
Album"Of Legends" (2013)

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Heathercrest - Nocturne Lyrics

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