Heaven For Real - Hero's Code Lyrics

Heaven For Real – Hero’s Code Lyrics

And kids got scared on the avenue
When you foresaw impending doom
But they still marched steady
With their feet feeling knotted up

Tied too tight by the news
No idea of what should happen
When the bad ones got away
As every sixth second was a ‘sixth-grade’ minute

I can feel as you pray
That “I feel you as you pray”
No one’s gonna give us the right kind of glue
To stick to us through our messes
And the message I’ve been sending is the wrong one

Can you keep up with my good intentions
No one’s gonna pick me the lock on your life
No one’s gonna lead me a path to your eye
If I can turn the dimmer milimetres may we m u l t i p l y ?

it’s a team building exercise
Once you say commit for life
So weigh it as a hot chance spurned until you’re bitter
Or dead or offline

Stand by the stair/your wild-grave,
I’ll take the freight train
Running through the bat-cave
Don’t you shrug face do save confidence

Don’t let all of that go
For anything close to the style
Anything close by a mile can not be found
Yes less than a root can be grounded.

[Lyrics to Hero’s Code by Heaven For Real]

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Artist Heaven For Real Lyrics
Album"Craft Single" (2013)

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Heaven For Real - Hero's Code Lyrics

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